'xmit on stopped card' problem

'xmit on stopped card' problem

Post by Jeff Dutk » Sat, 03 Jul 1999 04:00:00

I have been getting 'xmit on stopped card' messages during boot
up with my main Linux server (TX-PRO II motherboard, NE2000 clone
or 3COM Etherlink-II ISA network card, Linux kernel 2.0.36) along
with serious problems ifconfig'ing the network interface. I found
a few messages on deja-news concerning similar problems and a
section of the netatalk page as well.

The news messages said that changing the IRQ and I/O ports of the
NE2000 card fixed a conflict with some built-in hardware on the
TX-PRO II motherboard, but I couldn't duplicate the fix. Even when
I replaced the NE2000 card with an old Etherlink-II card I still
got 'xmit on stopped card' errors during boot and I completely
lost the abiltiy to ifconfig the interface.

When I booted with the NE2000 it would be recognized early in the
boot process, right after the hard drive partitions, with the
correct I/O port and IRQ, but later (right around the time the
system goes multi-user) the boot process would complain about
the IRQ being used by an unknown device.

The info on the netatalk page, while it may apply to me, didn't
have any answers.

Does anyone know what is going on here. I'm getting pretty
frustrated with the whole mess. If I can't clear the problem
up I'm going to buy a new system and sacrifice the TX-PRO II
and Co. to the nether-gods in Redmond. (I've needed an excuse
to set up a game box)

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