NT dns server request to my LINUX dns server time out

NT dns server request to my LINUX dns server time out

Post by bock.. » Tue, 14 Sep 1999 04:00:00

I have a problem which appears to be with only NT dns servers trying
to access virtual IP addresses served by my LINUX dns server.  My
virtual domain is infojump.com set up under the real domain of
cois.com.  We have two hosts set up under infojump.com on a subnet
provided by my ISP.

Virtual Host One
      This is a virtual interface on a LINUX box with a primary
       interface of bets2.cois.com (  
       bets2 is ( is also my primary dns server.


Virtual Host Two
         This is a virtual interface on a Digital Unix box with a  
          primary interface of ndx.cois.com (

bets2.cois.com is the primary dns server for www.infojump.com and
ndx.infojump.com. Both hosts (www and ndx) are set up exactly the same
on the dns server.

Since this is a subnet my ISP has to provide the reverse lookup for
the entire range of IP addresses for 206.138.182.xxx.  His record is
listed with the Internic as follows:

1st     name.bluegate,com
2nd    name2.bluegate.com  (This one does not function)
3rd     name3.bluegate.com  

My Internic record is....

1st     bets2.cois.com     
2nd    name.crescentcon.com

Whenever a surfer on the internet tries to access www.infojump.com
through their ISP's NT dns server it is succesfull but when they try
to access ndx.infojump.com a server "Request Timeout" results.  The
results can vary. Sometimes they can get to ndx.infojump.com but not

From the very same network whose NT dns server says it got a "Request
Timeout", I can do an nslookup and specify the dns server as
bets2.cois.com and the request is fullfilled immediatley.


W95>nslookup    www.infojump.com       "Works OK"
W95>nslookup    ndx.infojump.com         "Request Time Out"
W95>nslookup    ndx.infojump.com    name.crescentcon.com   "Works OK"

W95>nslookup    ndx.infojump.com    bets2.cois.com  "Works OK"
W95>nslookup    ndx.infojump.com    name.bluegate.com "Works OK"

So essentially if the request is tried through an NT dns server I get
a "Request Timeout" but if I redirect the nslookup against the
Internic designated dns server it works just fine.   I am assuming
that this is only from NT dns servers because I have access to two
networks that use NT dns server.  They both have problems accessing
our hosts.

Has anyone seen this type of thing before.  I would be very helpful if
a few people from outside our network would try to do some nslookups
as follows:

nslookup www.infojump.com
nslookup ndx.infojump.com
nslookup bets2.cois.com


I would be very interested in your results and the type of dns server
your request was processed through.  We have been struggling with this
issue for months and can't seem to get a handle why or how widespread
this problem is.  All we know is that a lot of people do get to our
hosts but a lot of people also fail to access our host due to the
request timeout problems.


James Bockmon


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