Modules still not working please help me before I go crazy!

Modules still not working please help me before I go crazy!

Post by Len Bayl » Tue, 29 Oct 1996 04:00:00

Ok I have done everything that I have found so far.   I complie ther
kernel, do a make modules, and make modules_install.  I compile the
pcmcia card services and I get this:

What the heck am I doing worng???


Loading failed! The module symbols (from linux-2.0.23) don't match
your linux-2.0.23
loading device 'eth0'...
general protection: 0000
CPU:    0
EIP:    0010:[<0183326e>]
EFLAGS: 00010246
eax: 00000000   ebx: c3f0c4c1   ecx: ffffffff   edx: 0000e9f0
esi: 00092918   edi: c3f0c4c1   ebp: 0092d6fc   esp: 0092d6ec
ds: 0018   es: 0018   fs: 002b   gs: 002b   ss: 0018
Process cardmgr (pid: 131, process nr: 29, stackpage=0092d000)
Stack: 0092d994 00092918 0092d820 01833360 0092d9b4 0183337f 0000e9f0
       00000001 00000300 00000002 0092d720 0000e9f0 454d0104 45484147
       582f4343 334d454a 00383832 41544144 5841462f 4c45432f 5445204c
Call Trace: [<01833360>] [<0183337f>] [<01831318>] [<0182c106>]
[<00190d91>] [<00187101>] [<00187265>]
       [<001873bf>] [<00189ea0>] [<00112235>] [<0019514b>]
[<01833a2d>] [<00124f80>] [<018268e6>] [<0182630b>]
       [<01827ed5>] [<0182c0cd>] [<0182c0cd>] [<01833c46>]
[<018252c0>] [<01820000>] [<0182dce5>] [<01826397>]
       [<01833178>] [<01834978>] [<01833b98>] [<0182644a>]
[<01830445>] [<01834978>] [<01830e62>] [<001230ea>]
       [<0015311c>] [<00153654>] [<001364a0>] [<00135fff>]
[<001361cb>] [<001387e6>] [<001397ea>] [<0011879a>]
       [<0011858c>] [<00120ebf>] [<0010fc34>] [<0010fb20>]
[<0012b7db>] [<0010a4f2>]
Code: f2 ae f7 d1 49 83 f9 0c 74 08 b8 ff ff ff ff eb 46 90 31 f6


1. Please help..going crazy: RH 8 installation problems

I am a linux newbie who wants to learn more about it for obvious reasons. I
used to have RedHat 7.3 on this (the system in question). A while back I
formatted the hard drive and went to install Redhat 8. About halfway through
the installation it froze so i sadly restarted.

Ever since, i cannot get redhat back on the system. This is an old p3 450
mhz system.

I have tried installing 7.3 back on the system, 8.0 and the newest mandrake,
none will install. on redhat 8 i get to the initial bootup cd screen... i
press enter to enter the installation stuff....and this pops up on the

"Uncompressing Linux... 0k, booing the kernel."

Then i have a blinking underscore on the line underneat that statement that
stays there blinking indefinitely. It NEVER progresses to anywhere beyond
that. When trying to install mandrake and 7.3, the screen goes black at this
same point.

I have tried:
Different cds (i havent tried with one burnt copy)
Different hard drive
Different ram
Different CDROM
All of the hard is working...not defective


I tried installing FreeBSD v5 (unfortunately i didnt realize it wasnt an
official release) and IT WORKED!. I want Redhat on the system for now

Please dont respond with preferences of distributions etc...i know x
distribution is always better than  y, and  vice versa....

Please help me...i want to get this working and have tried and tried and
tried and tried....all and any help is VERY appreciated. Thanks so much.


AIM would be cool too: drummie696969

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