Don't even try to use kppp with Mindspring - Doesn't work at all

Don't even try to use kppp with Mindspring - Doesn't work at all

Post by Michael Malo » Mon, 30 Aug 1999 04:00:00

I tried everything.



1. Even 'cat file >/dev/lp0' doesn't work

There have been lots of posts about lpr/lpd not working
(and mine doesn't either) but my problem is more basic.
As the subject line indicates, I can't even cat a file
to the printer device and get it to print.

        a2ps any-test-file >/dev/lp0
doesn't work.

        a2ps any-text-file >postscript-file
        cp postscript-file to floppy
        boot DOS
        cat postscript-file >prn
does work.

I have a Gateway DX2/66 with a NEC SilentWriter 2 90 connected to
/dev/lp0 (LPT1:)  and running slackware 1.1.0.  Example1 worked with
my ooooooold pl8 kernel before I upgraded to 1.1.0.  In Example1,
the printer now displays processing and waiting indicating that it is
receiving data, but it never prints anything.

I've played around with lptune, changing timeout values in the printer,
etc, etc all with no improvement.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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