COX @Home network woes... cable modem ;-(

COX @Home network woes... cable modem ;-(

Post by John Robert » Sat, 08 Apr 2000 04:00:00

Hi all

I'm having one hell of a time getting my RH 6.1 box on the internet.  I'm
running a PPro 180 w/96 Megs of RAM and a 3Com 10 BT NIC.

I've replicated my NT settings to a tee including subnet mask, ip address,
default gateway, dns/nameserver setup, - my host file is fine, I can ping
both loopback and my IP.  Everthing seems to check out on layer 1 and 2:
NIC's lit up, and me NT box reports a conflict when the Linux box comes on
line (I had to check).

share some setup advice.  I've tried everything - switched NICs,
re-installed, tweaked and fiddled.  My boss is starting to catch on...

Thanks in advance.

- John


COX @Home network woes... cable modem ;-(

Post by johnBresni » Sun, 09 Apr 2000 04:00:00

I seem to recall reading somewhere that the cable modem had
to be 'reset' after being introduced to a new NIC (should be a
reset button on the modem)  ? it's worth a shot anyway...  brez.