: xpppcon dev: Fetching my IP Address with C code?

: xpppcon dev: Fetching my IP Address with C code?

Post by root » Sat, 29 Nov 1997 04:00:00

I'm currently writing a program for Linux/X which displays
various ppp statistics, one problem I've encountered is
fetching the IP address of the host the program is running
on, in /proc/net/rt_cache there is the IP but it is in hex
and in host byte order.

Is there a simpler way to fetch my IP address?
I'm not very good with string handling, and I'm new to
network programming, I've mostly done a lot of X stuff,
I'd appreciate any help, thanks! :)

If anyone would like to test the beta of xpppcon, please let
me know, I'll give you a copy of the source.



1. : Propery way to fetch my IP with C code?

What is the proper way to fetch my IP ( and are
not acceptable) with C code?

I'm currently working on xpppcon and I'd like it to be checking
for the IP address correctly, much like ifconfig does.

Note I'm using Linux kernel 2.0.30 and I already read ifconfig.c
and many other networking books already, none of them ever
mentioned to do this.

I'd appreciate any help, thanks in advance! :)


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