Linux Proxy-Router HOW-TO???

Linux Proxy-Router HOW-TO???

Post by rslom.. » Tue, 07 Jul 1998 04:00:00

I was curious if someone could point me towards a resource for building
a proxy-firewall.  A device that I can set it up as a the default
router for computers on the internal network and the as far as the
outside world is concerned all traffic originates from one IP, and only
connections that are initiated from the inside are allowd through.  And
I would like to be able to control which ports can go through.  And
preferably limit traffic to tcp to the outside world.

Internet<->Internet Exposed machines<->Proxy-Router-Linux<->Internal Network

All the IPs on the Internal Network will be non-internet routable,
non-internet DNS, But I want users there to be able to put up put
computers there and use arbitrary internet services withought having to
have applications that support proxies.


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1. Proxy-Router How to build???

I am interested in a network device that for lack of a better name I
call a proxy-router.  

I want clients of it to just specify it as the default router.

the proxy-router then sends out all requests with the data re-written
so it appeas that all traffic apears to come from the proxy-router and
you can't figure out what client requested it.

The advantage to this is it is a drop in security solution for small
office networks, that could work with multiple applications as apposed
to just applications that have proxy support.

Does gnu routed support NAT ( Network Address Translation ) and can it
do it in a robust enough manner that it could remember that I have
connections for an entire class C going to one IP?  Also as far as I
can tell the routed that ships with solaris 2.6 can't do NAT , or
filtering by IP or port.  

What do people think of this strategy ( assuming I can filter by IP and
port ) vs a traditional proxy?

-Thanks for the ideas

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