Problem with DEC 21041 based Ethernet card on ASUS PC

Problem with DEC 21041 based Ethernet card on ASUS PC

Post by Allan Brighto » Tue, 04 Mar 1997 04:00:00

Hi all,

I'm having trouble connecting my Linux machine via ethernet to a Sun
SparcStation-5 (Solaris-2.5). I have tried the tulip driver and the
DE4X5 drivers without success.

The driver seems to recognize the card and set the correct port. The
diodes on the back of the card light up to show that packets are
coming and going and "ifconfig" shows packets received and sent,
however "arp" sets the address of the other machine to all zeros
"00:00:...:00". If I correct the arp table manually (arp -f file...),
it doesn't help.

By the way, I previously bought a SMC EtherPower card, which didn't
seem to work either. Now I got this card as a replacement.  I read
about some problems with ASUS boards in the Ethernet howto. I don't
know if that is the problem.

Here are some details:

Linux kernel version:   Linux-2.0.29

tulip driver version:   0.57A

DE4X5 driver version:   9.442

Ethernet card:          Lantronix LEA-P2T (DEC 21041 based)

Ethernet port:          BNC (AUI with tranciever on the Sun side)

PC mainboard:           ASUS-P/I-P55T2P4

Any ideas ?


Allan Brighton
ESO - European Southern Observatory


1. Driver for ethernet card with DEC 21041 Chip?


I need a DR3 kernel which supports a Kingston ethernet card with a Digital
21041-PA chip. Could somebody supply me with such a kernel or give me
instructions how to build one with a changed tulip.c file (what are the
according the source files and where do I get them, how are they compiled,
where do they have to go, ...)

The Details:

I installed MKLinux DR3 on my PowerMac 4400/200. With some fiddling around
I managed to get it running, but only with the ethernet card removed. It is
from Kingston with the DEC 21041-PA chip. With the card it crashes with an
error message related to the ethernet card. Also I read some related docs
on the net about cards with this chip are not supported/cause problems. So,
I am pretty sure that this is the problem. To solve the problem it was
recommended to change the tulip.c file and to recompile the kernel. Now,
this is where I got stuck. I could not find the tulip.c file. Furthermore,
I don't know which files I need to build the kernel.

Thanks a lot - Michael.
Dr. Karl-Michael Schindler
Martin-Luther-Universit?t Halle-Wittenberg
Fachbereich Physik, Fachgruppe Experimentelle Physik III
Friedemann-Bach-Platz 6
D - 06108 Halle/Saale

email: michael(AT)

Tel. (0345) 55 25563  Telefax (0345) 55 27160

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