[ Can't get the second NIC to work... }

[ Can't get the second NIC to work... }

Post by Douglas M. Pervin » Fri, 30 Jun 2000 04:00:00


  I have a RH6.2 (kernel-2.2.14-61) server up and running with one
NIC.    I've added another one and when the system boots there is no
conflicts or problems..     At*I gave the second NIC the same IP
address as the*NIC.   My RH server is also a DHCP and SAMBA/PDC
server..    The client fails to get an IP address from the server
that is on the second NIC.   Thus the Samba log-on fails also.  I've
tried giving the second NIC a different IP address.    I've tried
giving the client a static IP address....    Nothing seems to work..

  When I do the 'ifconfig' command I get a good response..   It tells
me eth0 and eth1 are up with good status..    This problem is a
killer..    If anyone could possibly help me, I'd greatly appreciate



1. trouble getting two NIC's to work together

Machine spec's:
Intel 486DX2 66

(2) CNET 650E NIC's
   a) 0x300 - irq=10
   b) 0x300 - irq=11

Distribution - RedHat 5.1

conf.modules   (contents)

alias eth0 ne
options ne io= 0x300 irq=10

alias eth1 ne
options ne io=0x320 irq=11

card one - hostname 'lts.project.com' - ip =
card two - hostname [left blank]         - ip =

Having a problem getting two NIC's to initialize. I finally got Linux
to see the cards but it reports that it is delaying initializing them.

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