PXEbooting a netier sl1000/sl2000 into an LTSP Server

PXEbooting a netier sl1000/sl2000 into an LTSP Server

Post by Adrian Salaic » Fri, 20 Dec 2002 14:55:19

I am trying to netboot a netier sl100 into my Redhat 7.3 LTSP Server.
When using PXE the machine hangs on the first tftp download of the
bpbatch file.
When using a .lzdsk file for the netcard (from rom-0-matic) the
machine hangs as soon as a DHCP Offer is made to the box.

Has anyone been able to get this box or the SL2000 to netboot into an

We have about 100 of those (sl100/sl2000) and unless I can use them
for LTSP I will have to decomission all of them ... They are worth a
chunk of change and We could really use the money for something else

Any help is appreciated.
Adrian Salaices.
Applications Manager/DBA
Dallas Airmotive


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I'm running a server with Linux Mandrake 8.1, with DHCP, TFTP,
and PXE. Everything goes fine, the client gets the IP and gets
the kernel image.

The problem is when try to "open" the image, I get a funny color
screen (block caracters in diferent colors blinking in all
screen) and the system halts.

Can anyone help me with this problem? Did you get your SL2000

I have tried install Win95, and the default S3 grafic driver from Microsoft
just freeze the system, so now, I'm thinking is problem with the
grafics card. But I dont know how to create another imagen with
a "personal" kernel.

The SL2000 reach my hands like a rubbish-to-be thing, so I dont
have any original software. Well, in this page I found


If you have any original or recover CD will be apreciate.

Thanks, thanks, thanks in advance.


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