Help; '[CHECK] Error 127' w/ Samba

Help; '[CHECK] Error 127' w/ Samba

Post by Robb Shect » Fri, 14 Apr 1995 04:00:00

        Hello all -
        Does anyone know why I'd get a [CHECK] Error 127 when giving
the initial make command with Samba?  I've followed all the instructions,
and made sure I made the proper corrections in the Makefile.  Does
anyone actually know what this error means?

        Thanks - Robb.


1. Error: Can't open display:

firstly, HTML ain't a great idea.....

is the this the IP address of the host where you're
running the mksysb ?
if it is, you should try
xhost +
or, more securly

perhaps you can just run
mksysb /dev/rmt0

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