PPP: Does outgoing traffic slow incoming traffic?

PPP: Does outgoing traffic slow incoming traffic?

Post by Joel M. Hoffm » Wed, 01 May 1996 04:00:00

A quick question:  Does significant outgoing traffic (say, someone
FTP'ing a large file from me) slow down my incoming traffic much?
What about vice versa (I imagine it's completely symmetrical.)  Just
curious....  This is PPP over a 28.8K link, if it makes any difference.


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1. Red Hat 7.2 Slow Ethernet Outgoing Traffic


I am running RH 7.2 and it's on a 10mb/sec ethernet connection
at a co-location center.

The eth0 interface card is an Intel Pro/1000 running at half-duplex.

I can receive data at 400-600 KB/sec but my outgoing IP traffic
is usually between 50-100 KB/sec. Another computer on the same
network switch sends outgoing traffic at 300-400 KB/Sec. So I
don't think it's a network congestion problem. I have ran iptraf
and although I am not sure what I am looking at, nothing seems
to unusual. There are times when the outgoing traffic is around 100KB/sec
when there is nothing I know of sending data. Is there a better way to
monitor if some type of virus is spewing data out? I downloaded and
installed Bitdefender anti-virus, but it detected nothing.

I don't know if the data sending is a software or hardware problem. I disabled
iptables, just to make sure that wasn't slowing it down. But that had no
affect. I ran up2date -u to update the latest code, but that didn't help
either. My ISP doesn't know what to do. I guess I could swap IP's with another
box in the rack, but that probably won't help.

Does anyone have any idea? This is a fairly new machine, dual 2.8GHZ Xeon with
SCSI, so the data throughput shouldn't be that slow. Any help would be appreciated?



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