How: Clever IP-Routing on 2 ISDN-Cards

How: Clever IP-Routing on 2 ISDN-Cards

Post by Stefan Kirc » Thu, 22 Jan 1998 04:00:00

Is there a way to set up the routing in linux, that I can arrange more
than 128 kBit/s over ISDN, when using 2 or more ISDN-cards?

My idea is, to combine 2 or more ISDN-teles-cards and the routing
starts with one isdn-card. If the traffic is going up to for about 120
than the second isdn-card should dial and these two ways have to be set
up in the routing table. Perhaps if possible, if teh speed is going up to
240, the third card starts and so on.

With this trick, I want to arrange Channel-Bundling on TCP/IP-level.

Does anybody have some ideas, how to set up such a system?

If possible, answer by email!
Best regards

  Stefan Kirch


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