NFS: rpc.nfsd -> nfssvc

NFS: rpc.nfsd -> nfssvc

Post by Joerg Sieb » Sun, 08 Oct 2000 04:00:00


I wanted to install NFS, but when I start rpc.nfsd (after portmap and
rpc.mountd) an error occurs: "nfssvc: Function not implemented".

OK, I _checked_DEJA_ and found only proposals to recompile the kernel with
NFS-server-support, but I already have anything you need (also that with
"development and/or incomplete code/drivers").

My question:  Do you have any other hints for me.

System: 2.2.16

Kernel: <*> NFS filesystem support
        [*]    NFS Version 3 filesystem support                      
        <*> NFS server support
        [*]    NFS Version 3 server support (EXPERIMENTAL)

Hope you can help me ...



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I'm running RH7.2 with a kernel 2.4.18 I compiled myself.
I've compiled the kernel with support for nfs (both as module and
compiled into the kernel), but trying to run the nfs daemon (rpc.nfsd)
results in:

nfssvc: function not implemented.

Most other nfs daemons (portmap,rquota etc) work.

Any ideas?
Could it have to do with the fact the kernel is a 'clean' kernel without
any of the RedHat custom patches?


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