Multi ppp connection, sendmail configuration

Multi ppp connection, sendmail configuration

Post by Jingsong » Fri, 12 Jan 1996 04:00:00


My home linux connected to outside by PPP, one server has DNS (in INTERNET
domain), the other only has NIS (not in INTERNET domain).
I make both working. Now it comes to mail configuration.

If I just telnet to my machine, no problem at all. But since I run Linux,
I want to do something fancier -- handle mail in my home.

Now what I can do is get mail from mailserver by popclient and send mail
out by sendmail-8.6.12.

What I want are:

(1) depend on my connection, I want the mails sent out have distinct return
path (or something, when the recipient can reply to my prefer address), e.g.

if it connects to server1, when I send mail out, the mail has return path like

user1, user2 are my user id on the server1 and server2.

(2) Provided the (1) work, is it possible that two users on my home linux
have different set of names as (1)?


Happy hack.

PS. if sendmail can not handle it, how about smail?



Jingsong Li Mech. Engr. Dept.  Univ. of Rochester Rochester, NY 14627


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I have two PPP connections, one use NIS, the other uses DNS.
Potentially, the configuration is for multi user.

I can extract mail from server by pop.

Now, I want something fancy, send mail out from home!

The goal:

Suppose user0 login into my home linux as user0, on the NIS domain, I have an

user1 login my home linux as user1, on the NIS domain, he has an account

(1) When connected to NIS domain, I want the output mail has From: (or Replay?)

(2) When connected to DNS domain, I want the output mail has "From:" like

First, is it possible?

Second, which is better, smail or sendmail?

Third, how to configure?

Background, I configured term+smail to send out my mail from home to internet.



Jingsong Li Mech. Engr. Dept.  Univ. of Rochester Rochester, NY 14627

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