load balancing with two modem.

load balancing with two modem.

Post by ThndrDu » Thu, 28 Oct 1999 04:00:00

Is it possible to use multiple modems with linux to increase the speed. Like
Windows does with multi link. If so where can I get some information on the
subject and what would the other end need for support? Most ISP's I know of
will not support the windows one.



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First of all, I would like to state that I am not asking for step by step
directions on how to do this, but pointers in the right direction, and
I would definately like to hear from somebody who has done something
similar to this:

Here's what I got:

Linux box at work, directly connected to the internet via 10MBS ethernet
(soon to be 100mbs!) . Lets call this machine "pppserver".  It has a
static ip address assigned, and nothing much has really been configured on
it yet.

Here's what I wanna do:

Connect two modems (28.8K)  to this machine, and set it up to be a PPP
Dialin Server.  Except for the load balancing which I have only briefly
read about, I wont have a problem setting this part up.

At home(net): I want to configure a cheapo 386/16 machine, (8 meg ram)
with 2 16550 serial ports, and two 28.8K modems, 60MB hard drive, and an
ethernet card.  This machine will be ethernetted to 3 Win95 machines

I want to configure the linux box to automatically dial into "pppserver" with
both modems, and auto-redial if a disconnect occurs... essentially
keeping two full-time connections between the home linux box and the

I want to utilize load balancing between the two linux machines.  All IP
addresses will be static assigned by the DNS server at work (which is NOT
the "ppphost" machine)

The domain at work uses a gateway IP address to get out to the internet.

I will use the latest kernal available (under slackware).

I will want to be able to utilize all three WIN95 machines, and have the
linux machines act as my router and packet forwarders.

I do NOT want to use IP masquerading.

What concerns me is how the linux machines will handle the traffic
if one of the two modem lines disconnects, and how the load balancing
will work?   Is there any *GOOD* FAQ's on load balancing?

Thanks in advance.

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