Files for installing a networked NeXT laser printer under Win95 (Was: Black Next 2.2 + Linux != networking?)

Files for installing a networked NeXT laser printer under Win95 (Was: Black Next 2.2 + Linux != networking?)

Post by Matthew N. Reichm » Fri, 07 Feb 1997 04:00:00

Quote:> OK, here's the real point of my post:  I have created a disk (er, set
> files) for installing a networked NeXT laser printer under Win95,
> complete with the .inf and .ppd files.  It requires running SAMBA on
> next.  If anyone has a use for such a thing, let me know.  If anyone
> knows of a well-suited FTP site for this, let me know.  If anyone knows
> the legal ramifications of redistributing .DRV files, let me know that
> as well...

If it does turn out to be okay, the site would be a good
place! And probably quite appreciated.

Be well,

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1. Black Next 2.2 + Linux != networking?

        [comp.os.linux.networking included because of relevence]

        Hi, I've got an original 030 cube with the laser printer, several
Linux boxes, a Sparc, and a couple of windows boxes here on a 10base2 LAN.
I'm having trouble communicating between the NeXT and Linux boxes right
down to pings, but it's intermittant and only happens with the cube, not
the rest of the network.  To make the topology clear, the cube is on one
end of the segment and one of the linux boxes in question is in the
middle.  The cube can talk to a Windows box at the other end of the
segment, but not the linux box.  The sparc can ping them all.

        Other issues:

        the cube won't read /etc/hosts for name resolution, even when I
force a /etc/resolv.conf with a order hosts, leaving out bind.  When
hooking the unit up to the network I launched the netadmin tool and
specified a nonnetinfo network, this was the right thing to do but did I
miss something else that's also important?  Or is NetInfo broken in such
an old NeXTStep?  I just wiped SunOS because I was horrified at the libc
DNS resolver hack I had to do just for DNS lookups; Solaris *is* much
better.  The NeXT documentation claimed NeXTStep supported DNS... were
they lying?

        The PC is a SMP dual P-120 with a 16 bit Intel Ether Express
board.  I've *never* had a problem hooking this box up to *any* network,
and I've moved it around into all kinds of mixed enviornments... I don't
suspect the machine.  Intermittantly, the NeXT box will up and give up on
talking to my gateway, a 386 running linux with an IP_Masq enabled kernel
functioning as a firewall to the internal network.  This *really* suggests
to me a cube problem, are they known to have hardware problems with BNC
networking?  Could it be the OS?  Do I need a patch - can I even get it?
Can this guy run a more recent copy of NeXTStep?  At least the 3.x series?

        As you can tell, I'm just gaining familiarity with this visually
attractive, but pretty damn confusing, enviornment. This really looks like
an IP implementation problem on the NeXT end, since I've never had
problems with IP under Linux, am I wrong?

        My roomate and I are itching to get the cube to accept remote
print jobs across lpd.... with that nice 400dpi PS laserprinter, is this
too much to ask???

        J. Maynard Gelinas

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