Documentation for SAMBA?

Documentation for SAMBA?

Post by bill davids » Wed, 20 Jan 1999 04:00:00

Is there any overview documentation for SAMBA? Not the 80 or so things
I've found which deal with some tiny bits in painful detail? I need an
example of something *tiny* which will work. Not which needs to be
fitted to your situation, not change this to that, just flat makes any
one bit of filespace visible to the world, with a list of every file
needing to be changed and every file/click needed on Win95 to actually
see the data.

I can see filespace fine with smbclient, but Win95 doesn't see it. I'm
in a sort of complex network, with the client and server separated by a
router, and if SMB won't work over a router, then I see the problem.
Only the docs seem to indicate it will.

Inet === Linux router (2.1.132) --- PPP to other sites
                /             \
         192.168.22       x.x.x.x
           class C       6 bit subnet
              |                |
           client           server

Again, if I boot "client" on Linux, smbclient works just fine, but
"Network Neighborhood" doesn't see the Linux server. I probably need to
do magic somewhere to tell the W95 machines about something, but I
don't have/need a master table for the W95 machines to see each other.

If it matters, the 6 bit subnet is official and visible on the net (with
firewall restrictions, of course). The private network is masqueraded.
Both the 6bit and private can use the net, can see each other
(telnet/ftp from W95 works), smbclient from Linux to W95 works. Both tcp
and udp packets are forwarded correctly, obviously. Ping works between
any two machines, so ICMP also works.

If there's an example, I'll put a W95 machine on the same subnet as the
client, configured as needed, and see if it's the setup or routing. But
not knowing if the setup is right, there are just too many places where
something could be upper or lower case, and where parts care and parts
don't. Documentation with "may need" doesn't help, conflicting
documents which tell me I must set something which another says I
shouldn't, or which insist that I need to use upper or lower case "as
appropriate" also don't help. I'd like to start with something working
and go from there until I see if it's setup or network.

The old SAMBA on my SCO box wasn't this picky, or by great chance I got
it right first time ;-) Unfortunately that's long gone or I wouldn't
have to ask.

"Too soon we grow old, and too late we grow smart" -Arthur Godfrey


Documentation for SAMBA?

Post by Scott Braus » Thu, 21 Jan 1999 04:00:00


    Have you tried installing the just released SAMBA 2.0.  I had some
itegration problems with earlier versions of samba, however, SAMBA 2.0 works
great.  In addition, it has the new web based administration tool which may
take some of your headaches away.