/var/spool/mail problem!

/var/spool/mail problem!

Post by geofo » Tue, 09 Nov 1999 04:00:00

I want to move the email in /var/spool/mail/$USER
to their home directory.
How can i do this?



1. automount /var/spool/mail problem

i'd like to automount my mail server's /var/spool/mail to a local
machine's /var/spool/mail and i have my auto.master setup
 /var/spool auto.mail --timeout 60
 and my auto.mail as
 mail  -rw,soft,bg  mail:/var/spool/mail
 and it does mount /var/spool/mail, however all the other directories
under /var/spool disappear. ie, lpd etc do not show
 Is there a way to correct this very undesirable behaviour?

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