DNS with ppp and eth0

DNS with ppp and eth0

Post by Clifford Ki » Sun, 24 Jan 1999 04:00:00

: I use an ethernet interface for my local LAN.  I created a ppp interface to
: dial in to an ISP.  Domain names are not resolved, however.  Do I need to use
: my ISP as a DNS server for the ppp interface or is there something else I
: need to do? My linux machine at home had no problem resolving domain names
: through my ppp interface, but I hadn't set up the ethernet interface yet.  Is
: my ethernet setup confusing the ppp interface?

If you have a default route set for the ethernet, then pppd won't replace
it with a default route through ppp0 even with the defaultroute option.

You don't need a default route to your LAN, just a network route.


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