Newbie trying to multilink modems in RedHat 7.3

Newbie trying to multilink modems in RedHat 7.3

Post by PakiMann » Sat, 04 Jan 2003 19:35:52


I am a newbie trying to multilink 2 analog modems in RedHat Linux 7.3.
The ppd version is 2.4.1. I really do not know much about debugging,
etc., so I will require some hand-holding to be able to get through

I have tested the same modems and ISP account in Windows 2000 Server,
and it bundles the two dialled up lines to make a "double the
bandwidth" connection. How can I achieve the same thing in RedHat? I
would appreciate anybody's help. Thanx.

Kind regards:


1. Redhat 7.3 freezes when trying to access pcmcia modem

heres the scoop...i have redhat 7.3 on a laptop, the laptop has a
xircom cardbus 56-globalaccess pcmcia modem in it. I downloaded the
ltmodem drivers(ltmodem-8.26a9) and used "build_module" "ltinst2" and
"autoload" to install the drivers. all seems to work. i try to
configure a dialer(any of them, but ill talk about wvdial) strange
things happen. i try to configure wvdial, i first link /dev/ttyLT0 to
something like /dev/ttyS14 that wvdial can find. then I run
"wvdialconf /etc/wvdial.conf". it starts scanning, then gets to S14,
and freezes...nothing can be done except eject the modem, then the
system comes back to life and the wvdialconf spits out all kind of
info about detectinng a modem and tried to send it init strings..but i
had to unplug it. if i plug the modem back in (i get 2 beeps, first
one higher pitch than the second) and try to dial(after configuring
wvdial.conf with username/phonenumber as soon as it sends the ATDT
command, it freezes up again..until i eject the pcmcia card.

kernel is 2.4.18-5 and pcmcia version is 3.1.27-18. this sounds like
it may be some sort of resource conflict or something, but im not
sure. i do know that in windows, the modem gets IRQ 9 and in
linux....the whole pcmcia deal gets 11. please let me know as soon as
possible, I really need to get this fixed tomorrow morning (about 14
hours away) if you have any ideas, ,either reply to this group or

thanks in sure someone out there knows what I need to do
to fix this



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