IPSec overview

IPSec overview

Post by Nico Schotteliu » Tue, 22 Jul 2003 23:00:05

Hello guys!

I searched through the web for an overview of all Linux IPSec
As I didn't find one, I took some time to write one.
After I talked to freeswan, isakmpd and other maintainers the setup was

If you have any suggestions or critics, please mail me.
If not, hopefully I made life easier for those of you working with



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I have a nortel ipsec client on my workstation, and am trying to get ipsec
masq to work.  I have the module (using kernel 2.2.16) compiled and I am
loading it, but I think I may be blocking out whatever port it uses in my
firewall.  Does anyone know what ports ipsec uses so I can let them through
in the firewall?  Any help appreciated.  Thanks.

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