Problem when connecting w98 with Linux (Samba)

Problem when connecting w98 with Linux (Samba)

Post by Peter Kjellgre » Sat, 11 Dec 1999 04:00:00


I have a problem when I want to connect windows98
to Linux using Samba. The problem is that I can see
all directories (the highest structure), but when
I want to open a directory Samba can't see what's in it.
When I used w95 it worked perfectly well.

Anyone who knows what the problem is?




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I have configured Linux SAMBA to be a member of a domain where I have a
Windows NT Domain server on the LAN.  For testing purposes, I have shared
/tmp as available to all.  When I try to connect to SAMBA from a Windows 98
machine that is logged on to the same NT Domain, it asks me for a password.

Any way to get SAMBA to trust the NT Domain?

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