Albuquerque ISP w/ Linux dialup support?

Albuquerque ISP w/ Linux dialup support?

Post by Bill Bohlin » Tue, 01 Jun 1999 04:00:00

I'm looking for an ISP in Albuquerque who has support for Linux
dialups.   My current  ISP hasn't been able to provide me with a working
Linux script, and I'm really not into trying to hack my way in.  I've
been trying, using W.G. Unruh's fine document and other Hot-Tos, but
I've been unsuccessful so far and no longer have the time to spend.  I
am but a simple web developer who just wants to use Linux instead of
Windoze, I don't want to stay on top of modem programming and PAP



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can anybody recommend some ISPs in bay area (408) which provide support
dial up connection using ppp/slip ?? i have a linux box and i want to
use this
linux box to connect to internet using a dial up connection.

I checked out AOL but they have a different method of accessing internet
(i.e. using
their proprietry client).

thanks in advance,


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