kernel nfsd -- where?

kernel nfsd -- where?

Post by Ingo Luetkebohl » Sat, 07 Sep 1996 04:00:00

Olaf Kirch has developed a kernel level nfs daemon but I can't seem to
find it (tried sunsite already). Any hints on where I can find it?


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1. kernel nfsd

        I've installed RedHat 6.0 and then updated to kernel 2.2.7 from
source. Since I want to NFS export space, I chose the experimental NFSD
built into the kernel since the old nfsd isn't shipped with redhat
anymore. Well, the old one worked fine, but with the new one I get a
"protocol not supported" error on my client, and a "svc: unknown version
(3) " on the linux box.. any ideas?
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