Corel V1.0 + NIC + Ethernet Setup Help Please.

Corel V1.0 + NIC + Ethernet Setup Help Please.

Post by Meridia » Sun, 12 Mar 2000 04:00:00

I've being experimenting with Corel Linux V1.0, trying to integrate the OS
into our MS NT based office.

I need help on setting up the hardware details for eth0 / NIC. I have my IRQ
and base address but I can't find the utility to setup the hardware.

I've setup Samba with the IP / domain details - the internet has alot of
info for this.

When I run ifconfig there is no mention of eth0.

Ping responds with network not available which is only correct the hardware
doesn't appear to be detected.

The card is a DLink-220 (ISA), set for IRQ.10 Hex.0x300 and non pnp mode.

The hardware is fine as it was verified with MS Win'98 prior to cut over.

Does anyone have any ideas?



1. Corel V1.0 + NIC + Ethernet, Setup Problem Help Please.

I'm trying to integrate Corel Linux V1.0 into a MS network (NT V4, Win9x

The network card is DLink-220PCT ISA IRQ10 Hex.0x300 (tested okay under
Win98 before cutover)

Samba loaded and configured domain/IP to suit NT domain etc.

But the network doesn't appear to be detected!

Ping responds with network not accessable

No IRQ or Hex address has eth0 assigned to them in system information.

Ifconfig makes no mention of eth0.

Can anyone tell me what is wrong and how I can fix this fundamental problem?


BR - Paul

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