Static IP

Static IP

Post by Roy Kartadina » Tue, 06 May 1997 04:00:00

Is there any nationwide ISP that offer a static dialup account in a
good price? Cuz only 2 ISP in the city I live in that offer static
dialup but in such a high price.

Roy K.


1. IP over IP to make static IP?

Hmmm, I just had a weird idea. Lots of us run our nifty little servers out
of our basements, with the only problem being a dynamic IP address from our
ISP. My ISP's terms of service even allow me to run private servers.

Now what if some third party comes along, and has maybe a class C of IP
addresses at its disposable. And provides, for a subscription fee, IP over
IP tunneling where the destination is the current dynamic IP of a customer
as learned through HTTP callback or something.

So this third party could provide anyone with a dynamic IP a real static IP
address. The third party's cost would be: IP addresses (of course), and

Is such a thing feasible? Does it already exist?

Jem Berkes

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