Simple Hack To Get $2000 Watch Video.

Simple Hack To Get $2000 Watch Video.

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1. $2000 to spend on computer stuff

Ok, here's the deal.  I have $2000 from my mother for graduation, to buy a
laptop.  I need also to buy a printer with this money.  I've pretty much
decided to buy the Lexmark Optra E310, since it's laser and postscript and only
$399 (btw, if anyone knows for sure if it's compatible with linux, that would
be helpful).

So that leaves me $1600 for the remainder of my little shopping spree.  I have
two options: I can buy a decent, alright laptop, something like the winbook XL
(amd k6-2 400, 128mb ram, 12.1 TFT, $1599) and still use my current computer
(amd k6 300, 64mb ram, 3.2 gig hd, dual boot linux/98).  *OR* I can do this.
Since I intend on running only linux on the laptop, and since it's only real
purpose is for taking notes and typing code and such, I've been thinking
perhaps I can buy an older laptop (486s aren't even out of the question) for
something like $500 and have around $1000 to upgrade/build new my desktop.
This is an idea I like...I've wanted to build a new computer for awhile, and i
can't see the point in having such a powerful laptop solely to take notes on.

So, you people being more experienced and more knowledgable than me, your
advice would be GREATLY appreciated.  Tell me which plan you think is better,
what I should do with whatever plan you think I should implement, just anything
you think could help me.

I'll look forward to reading the responses to this!

Jeremy Fincher

If i ever forget to capitalize a proper noun, forgive me.  i'm a big fan of ee

My ICQ # is 28153190. My AIM/AOL name is either jemfinch02 or Cassius80.
Have a good day, and good luck in your endeavors!

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