Searching: Info on service usage accounting and billing

Searching: Info on service usage accounting and billing

Post by bhu » Wed, 01 Mar 2000 04:00:00

Dear Readers,

I am searching for information on service usage accounting
and billing products and standards (from IETF, TMF, ITU-T, etc.)
for our research and development purposes.

What we are specifically interested in:

*  Accounting and billing for Internet services such
   as VoIP, video conferencing, VPN, web and domain hosting, etc.

*  Information and standards on service usage data record

*  Tariff schemes and tariff management

*  Standards (produced by IETF, TMF, ITU-T, etc.) on service
   usage accounting and billing.

*  Information on service usage accounting and billing
   system (both commercial solutions and research prototypes).

*  Information on systems that are based on an ORB (which version
   and implementation of ORB is used?)

*  If we wish to integrate our prototype system into a commercial
   product, what sort of programmable interfaces do the available
   systems provide?

I would like to give some background information.
We are developing a prototype of service usage accounting
system for IP-based and telecom networks and we want to enhance the
functionality of the prototype to include billing functionality.
We want to do this with a view to integrate many vendors into our
prototype accounting system. The main purpose of doing this is to
a prototype of an integrated accounting and billing system that
can deal with diverse accounting and billing needs. We would
also like to add value to the services provided by our prototype.
Our prototype provides IDL interfaces for the
purpose of integrating other vendors' billing systems.
The prototype is being developed using Visibroker, Java and C++
and we also include in our implementation
certain concepts of TINA (Telecommunication Information
Networking Architecture).

I shall be very grateful if you could provide me with
information on above mentioned points. If fact, any
information, hints or suggestions will be very useful.
Please send your answers directly at my email

Many thanks in advance,

Best regards,

Bharat Bhushan


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