PPPD really this slow?

PPPD really this slow?

Post by Hamish Moffa » Sat, 30 Dec 1995 04:00:00

 > take around 12 minutes. Even then, with PPP it will automatically be
 > slower since there is IP overhead involved that isn't during a straight
 > download; However, I've experience GREATER throughput on certain files
 > via PPP than zmodem (usually text)... but then my carrier is 26.4K.

5M of text, you mean? Hardly a useful test. For proper uncompressible data, 5
minutes per meg is reasonable (it's about 12min/mb at 14.4, so about 5-6min/mb
at 28.8).


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1. PPPD really this slow?

It seems that when I connect using PPPD to my local ISP, it runs quite
slow.  To prove this, I connected via minicom, and downloaded a 5 meg
file over a 28.8 connection.  It took a little over 15 minutes to
download, where as ftping from my ISP a 1.3 meg file took 31 minutes.  
Now is this normal, or have I miss configured something?

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