HELP-8-bit not clean error

HELP-8-bit not clean error

Post by Carlos Reg » Sun, 14 Jun 1998 04:00:00

HELP, I'm trying to connect to my ISP using pppd, i got all the necessary
script running for pppd, after i run pppd, he dial my ISP, i her the
handshake, /var/log/messages, says that he fins username: and password: and
sucessfully puts my username and password in the fields, then he starts PPP,
then I get this messages in /var/log/messages:

connect ppp0 <--> dev/ttyS2 (correct)
connection terminated
Recive serial link is not 8-bit clean
Problem: All had bit 7 set to 0

any ideas .. please ????


1. pppd 8 bit clean error when the ISP is 8 bit clean

My ISP (Bellatlantic) offers PPP protocol and I can hook up no problem
with Windows 95. But when I try to connect with a chat script via PPPD,
I get a message after PAP authentcation (while it tries to negotiate
communication parameters) saying the recieving serial line is not 8 bit
clean (7 bit is 1). What is going on? Bell Atlantic says the line is 8
bit clean (8N1), yet the PPPD doesn't see it that way. I thought PPPD
sets the serial port to 8N1, de riguer. Do I need to explicitly set the
serial port to 8N1 nbefore I connect?

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