Middleware/LAN & WAN Infrastructure

Middleware/LAN & WAN Infrastructure

Post by Eric Tubb » Fri, 14 Jun 2002 04:50:49

Hello everyone,

I am new person to the area of networking and linux. I would like to ask all
of you, your input on the following two areas below. Any help you could
provide to me would be of great benefit to my learning.

1)  Discuss importance of Middleware systems architecture.

2)  Describe the importance of LAN & WAN infrastructure.  In doing so
discuss the following topics.
    a.  Server placement within the LAN system ( Workgroup vs. Enterprise ).
    b.  How the OSI model is used when considering different aspects of LAN
& WAN design and  Server & Application usage.

Thanks to everyone,




Hey all...

Ok...here's the problem.

I have a dial up PPP account, nothing strange there. I have a fixed IP
address for the machine that I connect to the Internet. Now, I also
have a number of PC's here in the office, and a Mac which I would like
to be able to get into the Linux box in order to transfer files and
stuff, read my mail etc etc.

The easiest way to do this it would seem is to have TCP/IP running over
the LAN. But..is this possible? I mean is it possible for my Linux box
to have an IP address when Im online, and a different IP address when
im offline?

Am I missing the point totally ???

Any help greatly appreciated since this is driving me out of my mind
with confusion and I really would like to get this thing working. It
would also be nice if from the LAN I could telnet into the Linux box
and use its Internet software while connected but I don't have a clue
how to do that, and with all the networking kit we have here I really
don't want to have to drop down to a serial line or 5. <G>



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