Routing behind a firewall ?!

Routing behind a firewall ?!

Post by Tuvik Bek » Mon, 09 Oct 1995 04:00:00

Hi all,

I'm connecting my standalone PC to my university cc by ppp. The dialup server
has a firewall implemented, that prevents direct contact to a large range of
remote hosts (in fact I can only directly connect to hosts in Israel, with an
address that ends with '.il').
If I want to telnet a '.edu' address, for instance, I have to first login to
a local (.il) account, and then telnet from there. As for other tcp/ip
applications - the problem is easily solved if they know how to use a proxy
server (as netscape does).

While working in Windows, I worked around the problem by obtaining a set of
applications that all knew how to utilize a proxy server. Now I switched to
Linux and such apps. seem hard to find... (except netscape, of course :-)
I wondered if there is any more general solution to the problem - something
like specifying a route like:
local PC-->dialup server-->local (.il) relay-->out to the world
I have no idea if this, or any other general solution, is at all possible,
but would like to hear any suggestions.

Alternatively, I'd probably have to settle for a bunch of net apps. (ftp,
finger, etc.) for linux, that know how to handle a proxy server. If anybody
knows of such apps. please let me know.

Many thanks!

Tuvik Beker


Routing behind a firewall ?!

Post by Nabil Saad (GI05-A » Mon, 09 Oct 1995 04:00:00

: Hi all,
hi tuvik,
        Maybe you should try and get socksified binaries. Provided
that the firewalled site runs a socks-server ...

: Tuvik Beker

                        Best luck, Nabil.
Nabil, Having a hard time pushing linux to|#|  .... Linux 1.3 ....
its limits. Funny enough.....   it doesn't|#|  it will bring fun back
seem to have any :))).  BRAVO EVERYBODY !!|#|      to computing


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