Serious problem on PPP between two linux machines

Serious problem on PPP between two linux machines

Post by IVORRA Philipp » Sun, 12 Oct 1997 04:00:00

I cant' initiate a ppp session to my provider from my Linux machine.
It works fine with Windows 95.
I tried several kind of ppp parameters:

I got an other acces on Micronet without any  problem l.
If I put the same parameters (with  an other user and password of
course), the session is  failing.

1/ My provider uses mgetty for serial session. In normal mode, I stay in
bash session and cannot initate
    a ppp session.

    I try 'stty -echo; exec pppd passive' and a lots of ppp parameters.

    What  can  I do?  Is there an initiated string for ppp init between
the two machines?

2/ My provider changes serial session setting and exec ppp on startup
(so, i can't connect in term session
    mode whit this kind of configuration). After this change , I got a
lots of error depending of ppp parameters.

   In fact, all problems seems to be the same, I always receive the same
request (like an echo)

   2.1/ I have a 'looped back' error if I don't use 'nomagic' option.

   2.2/ with nomagic option, the ip address negociation is failing
(using 'noipdefault').
          After the connection, I have a default route entry on
(so ppp session is bad)

   2.3/ if a put my own IP adresse, I receive the same thing, so
negociation is failing also.

Each time, the result is the same, my provider seems to  resend the same
packet on serial session.

For the moment, after a lot of trying, I don't have any  idea to
realize this connection with my provider, so

HELP ME!!!!!

THANKS ......


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I have Linux set up on my office machine which is connected by ethernet to the
local network and then to the internet.  It works fine.  I also have Linux set up
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connects, but I am unable to get nameserver access on the home machine.  We have
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machine a valid, unused IP name and address that all the work machines know
about.  I am running pppd with the proxyarp at work.  It seems like I have the
parameters setup correctly.

I have tried putting in my resolv.conf file (at home) the work nameserver (didn't
work) and my office machine with named running (didn't work).  I upgraded from
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my domain).  

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Thanks for any help.

Will Hatcher

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