RARP and Xkernel under linux?

RARP and Xkernel under linux?

Post by Bil » Tue, 07 Nov 1995 04:00:00

I have been trying to get Xkernel installed on my linux box.
Xkernel is a package that will (allegedly) boot a diskless
sun 3/50 or 3/60 as an Xterminal to a host machine, in this
case, my DX4/100.  

I'm having some trouble getting rarp to work properly, I've
compiled the rarp code into a 1.2.13 kernel , yet there is
no /proc/net/rarp and when I do:
/sbin/rarp -s xhost 08:0:20:1:72:1D
all I get for a response is:
SIOCSRARP: Invalid argument

Can someone point me to some documentation on rarp, specificially
what it requires compiled into the kernel, real world tales
re: rarp and/or Xkernel would also be very much appreciated.
I'll summarise if there's any requests.





Whever wrote the Net-Bootings howto missed a simple paragraph.

If your kernal doesnt have RARP support how do you add it ?????????

I've looked high and low for three days for a RARP module and some
instructions for non-unix Gurus'

All I want to do is add RARP support to my RedHat 5.2 System so I can
boot my sun :-)

Any ideas.

Please mail me

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