Grouping PCs into different groups using Samba

Grouping PCs into different groups using Samba

Post by Jose Antonio C. Baduri » Wed, 02 Dec 1998 04:00:00

Good Evening!!

     I have just replaced our NT server with Linux.  So far, we have no
problems except when
grouping PCs intto different groups. I can only access 2 groups (using
Network Neighborhood) while
the other groups cannot be accessed. When we transfer a PC from a group
that cannot be accessed
to a group that can be accessed, it also becomes accessible. However, we
want the computers to
belong to their respective groups. It seems that Samba can only handle 2
groups. Does anybody
knows how I can make Samba recognize multiple groups (3 or more) in one
network. Any help
would be greatky appreciated.



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First let me describe what I would like to set up to clarify things:


I would like to set up 3 groups, lets call them A, B, C. Users from A should
have access files created by users in B or C. Users in B or C cannot access
files created by users in A. Also users in B or C should not have access to
each others files.

How would I set up Umask to handle this? I've tried to create a primary
group for all and secondary groups to reflect the permissions I'm after, but
to no avail.

Any ideas?

Many thanks in advance.


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