firewall question

firewall question

Post by vvvv » Sun, 05 Oct 2003 03:54:40

i am running seawolf redhat 7.1, php 4.1.2, apache 1.3, and using iptables.
"Gate" is my gateway with an external eth, and an internal eth. "Mac" is in
my lan. i have an application that runs Mac, listening on port 23000. Gate
runs php and apache and the firewall. Gate forwards packets on 23000 to Mac.

i asked a friend to telnet in to my external ip on port 23000, and Mac
receives all the forwarded data. when i try to telnet to Gate's external ip
from within my net (ie., not from Gate, but from Mac) the packets get to
Mac. but when i try to telnet from Gate, i get "host destination
unreachable" on that port.

a php page (on Gate) that open a sockets to send packets to Gate's external
ip, which should then be forwarded to Mac, gets "error: 111: connection
refused". if i change the ip in the php script to Gates' internal ip
(, the packets get forwarded.

does this sound like something obvious that i overlooked? can php connect to
the external ip of the machine it is running on? i would think it can.

any suggestions are appreciated.


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