SMC 83c795 (EtherEZ) and SMC Ultra driver

SMC 83c795 (EtherEZ) and SMC Ultra driver

Post by Karl Steneru » Sat, 14 Mar 1998 04:00:00

I'm trying to get an SMC EtherEZ card (83c795) to run under kernel 2.0.32.
I've made a kernel that has the SMC Ultra driver in it but it won't
recognize my card, even if I pass in the IRQ and I/O base from lilo.

The card is running on IRQ 11 and I/O 240.
I'm using a 486 SX/33 with Redhat 5, and there are no other cards in the
system (save the gfx card).

The Enternet-HOWTO mentioned some sort of SMC Ultra compatibility mode for
the EtherEZ cards, but I can't find a jumper on the card, I have no
documentation, and no software to configure it. (thanks to those PnP

Any ideas?