ICS slowdown

ICS slowdown

Post by Bryce Tanne » Tue, 27 Feb 2001 22:35:41

Hi all

I'm using Mandrake 7.2 as a dhcp/internet server for a couple of windows
machines and my linux box.  I connect with kppp over my modem line.  If I
just use the net connection myself, things are fine, but if I allow others
to connect to the net through my linux box, kppp will slow down quickly,
eventually coming to a halt.
I have no problems using ICS in windows.

Any suggestions?



1. In article <3p81ut$659@condor.ic.net>, craig@falcon.ic.net (Craig Maloney) writes:

I think there is some info that comes w/ the product that tells you how to avoid
this, but I dont remember exactly where it is.  Basically what you do is rename
you machine localhost, install WP, and rename it back to the original.  WP will
then use the loopback device and all will be happy.  

Another thing you can do is to look at the license.dat file and change the string
tigger.(none) into localhost with a text editor, and reboot or restart the license

All this assumes that you have tcp/ip compiled into the kernel and you have
networking set up to use the loopback device.  To see if you do, start up X,
and type in an xterm:

xhost +
setenv DISPLAY localhost:0

If a clock pops up you have thing set up correctly.  If not you need to set up the
loopback device.  I will be glad to help you with this if you do not know how.


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