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I'm trying to find the best solution for the following:
- Central server to authenticate users
- Use Linux and open source software if possible
- Share files, folders, and printers among Windows & Linux clients

There will be both Windows & Linux clients.

Is the best way to do this to use Samba with an OpenLDAP backend?
What's the best OS/distribution for this kind of setup?



1. solaris 9 + integrated ldapserver + samba as pdc

hi all,

are there any docs about setting up samba on sol9 with its integrated ldap
server (iplanet ds5.1)
available ? i searched the docs.sun.com but could find any related stuff
(just how to setup
this integrated ldap server and so on...). i played around with the
directory's console and found
a tab on the user's property that belongs to windows login, home drives,
etc... that's why i am
searching for docs about using these user properties...

thanks in advance


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