empty page after printjob

empty page after printjob

Post by Maurice Ti » Thu, 24 Feb 2000 04:00:00


My RH6.0 & RH6.1 boxes both feed an empty page after each printjob I
send to my Intel netportExpress Pro 10/100 printserver. When I print
to a HP 4000TN printer their is no additional blank page.

Also a few characters aren't printed at all.

Someone got any ideas?

Maurice Tijs


1. empty paper comes out after printjob is done

I use S.u.S.e. Linux 5.2 (Kernel 2.0.35, APS 4....). I build up a Linux-PC
as printserver. For this I use Samba and APS with my HP-Deskjet 500. My
problem is: after printing is successfully done an empty paper is thrown out
every time.

Please help me.

P.S.: My /etc/printcap looks like:

deskjet|lp3|djet500-a4-raw|djet500 auto raw:\

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