Where to Download ppp-2.3.7?

Where to Download ppp-2.3.7?

Post by jaso » Tue, 04 May 1999 04:00:00

> hi , can anyone give the web/ftp site?

> rgds



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Where to Download ppp-2.3.7?

Post by Clifford Ki » Tue, 04 May 1999 04:00:00

: hi , can anyone give the web/ftp site?



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Where to Download ppp-2.3.7?

Post by Peggy Cha » Wed, 05 May 1999 04:00:00

hi , can anyone give the web/ftp site?



1. Linux PPP-2.3.7 vs Microsoft RRAS


I thougt I'd let you know the results of a test I performed
a while ago.
First I connected two NT 4.0 server (Sp4) boxes together with a Null
modem serial cable between their COM2 ports. Installed RRAS (Routing
and Remote Access Service) on both and used demand dialing to establish
a PPP link between them. I enabled compression and set both serial ports
to 57.6 Kbps. I then proceeded to transfer the following files between them
using the command line FTP:

squid-1.1.22-src.tar.gz (500 kb)  I got 5.6 kb/s
messages.txt (1.2 mb)      I got 30 kb/s
xv.exe  (1.1 mb)    I got 11.5 kb/s
winfix.zip (1.5 mb)    I got 5.6 kb/s

Using the same machines ( 2 x K6's 2/266 with 64 mb/mem) I switched
to the Linux's partitions (linux 2.2.6) and installed pppd 2.3.7 and
loaded the bsd_comp and ppp_deflate modules and established a PPP
connection (still at 56.7 kbps) and did the same test:

squid-1.1.22-src.tar.gz (500 kb)  I got 5.3 kb/s
messages.txt (1.2 mb)      I got 40 kb/s
xv.exe  (1.1 mb)    I got 13 kb/s
winfix.zip (1.5 mb)    I got 5.3 kb/s

We can see by the results that the .exe and .txt file realy benefit
from the compression. The 40 kb/s and 13 kb/s results are
almost cut in half if the ppp_deflate module is not loaded.

This test also shows that you don't need High speed serial boards
when you use PPP's compression instead of the modem's compression...!
and also that the Linux PPP folks really did a good job with pppd-2.3.x.



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