www servers not serving

www servers not serving

Post by Garry Wrig » Wed, 10 Feb 1999 04:00:00

I am running RedHat5.0 upgraded to 2.2.1 with all recommended updates.

I also use Netscape 4+ in several versions all of which show the same

A small number of servers establish a connection, download about 6k and
stall - permanently. Examples are www.hotmail.com and www.cdnair.ca.

Most servers accept my browser without difficulty, even the bank server
which I would expect to be the fussiest.

My internal network is using this machine as a gateway which I don't have
working again since the upgrade but this problem preceded the upgrade so
that should not be the answer. In addition I have my own nameserver on
this machine but again the problem predates the local nameserver daemon.

Is there a configuration problem which causes a few fussy servers to
reject connections that use domain names like linux.bogus locally even
though on the web they appear as being sourced from proper domains?1


1. 7 of 8 Aliases Serve WWW but Can Not Be Ping'd

Strange occurance.  I have Apache set up and serving websites on 9 ip
aliases.  The aliases are set in rc.conf and also in httpd.conf.  The
strange thing is I can ping my main ip and the first alias, but none of the
other aliases can be pinged from the machine.  Yes, the IP's are serving up
with Apache and yes they can be pinged from every other machine in the world
just not by the server.



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