PPTPD and Broadcasting

PPTPD and Broadcasting

Post by Tom » Wed, 07 Jun 2000 04:00:00

I've recently set up PPTPD on my Linux box at home. Acting as a '
gathering ' point for friends of mine on the Internet.  At least. That
was the intention.

Upon setting it up, i've been able to establish connections. Enabled
logins and actually hold onto the connections. The problem I have now
is that the PPP connections are not set to broadcast along the subnet.
This doesn't solve my problem due to the fact that if they don't
broadcast, they can't be seen by the other computers.

The computers, once connected are able to ping each other on their
remote ip addresses. (I've set the localip's to
and the remote ip's to

But when I attempt to access them via \\servername or \\ip_address I
am unable to attach to them.

The protcols which make the connection are MPPE and TCP/IP.

I'm sure that there is some form of flag or command to turn the
connections from Hybrid to Broadcast but I can't seem to find it in
the /etc/ppp/options file or it's documentation.

If there is another route I can follow which totally deviates from
this idea. I would open for it's options as well. :)


Tom M