why i still can't use pptp client to connect to windows 2000 pptp server

why i still can't use pptp client to connect to windows 2000 pptp server

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    Dear all, i have installed pptp client on linux and ppp-2.3.11

    . When i connect to windows 2000 pptp server, it shows message like

   +chapms-v2 mppe-128 mppe-stateless -deflate noauth
(unknown)[714]: log[pptp_dispatch_ctrl_packet:pptp_ctrl.c:531]: Client
  connection established.
(unknown)[714]: log[pptp_dispatch_ctrl_packet:pptp_ctrl.c:637]: Outgoing
 call established.

    The log message on the windows 2000 show that the authentication can't
    complete in time, so it disconnect user.

    what can't i do now?

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Jim Campbell
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