Any other ways to link a linux machine to a network

Any other ways to link a linux machine to a network

Post by Alan C » Thu, 02 Feb 1995 21:30:56

Quote:>The problem of this software is that I can only have one collection
>at a time. I want to know if any dial-in software exists which
>supports multi-sessions or can even establish X displays.

SLIP for doing it 'for real', term if you dont happen to be root on the
Sun in question or have the authority to get SLIP installed on it. BTW
fix your From line 8)



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1. How can I make my printer in linux usable for others machines?

I installed cups and samba.
I can print very well in my linux.
But can I make other machines use my printer via samba?
I add the line
printing = cups
in my smb.conf file.
But I still cannot make it work.

Then I add the following to smb.conf:
        path = /tmp
        printable = Yes
Then I can see the printer in network neighbours in others' win98

And I found thru the documentation of cups that it seems cups can
implement all the things with IPP.  But I have some questiones.
How to use it?
I just type http://my.machine.ip:631/ in my webbrowser then I can see
something for printing? Or there are some clients to install?
I am very confused and wondering it for several days.
Thank you very much.

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