Cable Modem S L O W and Other Network Problems

Cable Modem S L O W and Other Network Problems

Post by mdalton6.. » Fri, 02 Jul 1999 04:00:00

running into all sorts of problems.

I'm running RH 6.0 on a P75 with 24 megs of ram.  My ethernet card is
a Linksys ne2000 compatible that is properly detected on eth0 at boot
up.  I know I am at least partially connected to the internet, because
I can ping by IP and by text names.  I can connect via FTP and telnet
to other machines, but get timed out because of the slowness of my
modem.  I can send mail from my machine to other internet addresses.
Nslookup on my hostname comes back as correct.  I can ping both of my
nameservers from my machine and others.  I can pull up web sites
in Netscape by their fully qualified domain names, however this too is
very slow (5 minutes and counting to pull up Red Hat's site).

I *cannot* ping my IP address or machine name from other computers or
send mail to my machine from other computers.  Also, as I mentioned, I
keep getting timed out (or give up) on ftp or telnet sessions because of
the painfully slow connection.

I am thoroughly confused, because I seem to have at least a partial
connection, and am able to resolve internet addresses, but I can't be
seen by anyone else on the internet!  I followed the NET3 HOWTO and
I think my config files are all ok.  Does anyone have any suggestions?
I think my hardware is adequate, but maybe not.  Also, the cable modem
was initially set up on a Win98 PC using a USB port, not a regular
NIC card.  Could this be causing any conflicts?

Please HELP!



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I would like to setup a IP Masquraded Firewall to hook some of my other
behind the firewall.

I  cannot find a HOW-TO to setup the Linux box using this type of Cable
Modem.  I
have only found 2 way cable modems.  Can someone point me it the right

My problem is that I don't know how to get Linux connected, then also, how
do I configure
ipchains or ipfwadm to use the correct rule set.  Do I do the modem or the
network card.  The
network card has a static IP of which is usally used for VPNs.  My
cable company
is of corse not supporting Linux, so I have to do it myself.  The PPP dialup
uses DHCP to
assign my address so I have dhcp setup.

Thanks in advance..


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