Cable modem connection problem

Cable modem connection problem

Post by Eric Hausi » Fri, 23 Oct 1998 04:00:00

I recently installed Redhat 5.1 on my machine, but I am unable to
connect to the internet, or my ISP's network.  I have a Win95 boot on
the same machine, and I have no connection problems.  My ISP claims that
Linux should work, but they do not support its config issues.  (grrrr.)

I have a static ip address.  I can ping it, no problem.  If I try to
ping my DNS server, or even my Gateway, it just hangs.  I can ctrl-c
out.  netstat -r hangs, but netstat -r -n works.  I suspect that it may
be a problem with my routing table, but I'm not exactly sure what.  I've
read NAG, Install, and How-To's, but I can't seem to find anything
different than what I have already tried.

This may be a completely different issue, but as a test, I connected the
Linux station   to a local NT Server via DHCP.  It obtained an IP
address fine.  I was able to ping the server, as well as the
workstation, however I was unable to FTP to the would just
hang.  (Kind've a similar symptom?)

Anyway, any good insight would be appreciated.