PING: Linux doesn't respond to ARP broadcast

PING: Linux doesn't respond to ARP broadcast

Post by James Youngm » Tue, 22 Apr 1997 04:00:00


>I am trying to set up a testbed system for McAfee's Webshield product
>(scans in/outgoing Internet stream for viruses) which uses Linux as it's
>OS.  I'm using the 1.0 version of the product with a patch provided by
>McAfee to make it recognize our SMC Etherpower cards (w/DEC 21041 chip).

>You normally stick this product in-between your firewall and internal
>router, but for testing I just hooked both NICs onto our external Ethernet
>line (10Base2 [Thin net]). You are supposed to be able to manage the
>Webshield product via http or telnet, so I wanted to see if I am able to
>do so before I set up down-time on our Internet connection to insert this

Just get each interface going one at a time.

Quote:>The problem is that I'm not able to http/telnet to the Webshield system,
>or even ping it.  However, I *am* able to ping out from the Webshield

Do you get replies?

Quote:>On the same segment as the Webshield server is our Web server.  I
>can ping the Web server from the Webshield server but cannot ping
>the Webshield server from the Web server.

What does "netstat -i -n; netstat -r -n" on the  WS box say?

Quote:>I put a General Networks Sniffer
>on the line and when looking for broadcasts to/from the Web server's MAC
>address, I can see the Web server sending out ARP requests looking for the
>Webshield TCP/IP address, but the Webshield machine never responds to the
>ARP requests.

Hmm, does it know that's its address?   Is the interface up?

Quote:>Talking to McAfee they told me I have to be using cross-over cables.  I
>told them we were using 10Base2 and shouldn't need cross-over cables.

Ha ha.  Morons!

>then said their product won't work with 10Base2 (BNC connector). I don't
>think that's quite right. This seems to be more of a Linux problem than a
>Webshield problem.

They're probably being stupid unless these patches you are using for those
network cards don't support 10base2.

Quote:>I used the setup program that comes with the SMC Etherpower cards to force
>the cards to use the BNC connector, and forced the IRQ's to 10 and 11. One
>card (eth1) doesn't get a TCP/IP address as it will just be a passthrough
>from the outside.  

bzzt?   Is the webshield not functioning as an application gateway then?

Quote:>The version of Linux Webshield is running is 1.2.  I wouldn't think it is
>necessary to upgrade the Linux in this case, and at any rate I don't want
>to as this product was purchased as a stand-alone Internet virus scanner.
>We haven't paid for the product yet (demo copy)


Quote:>but we did sink the money
>into the hardware (DEC 5166 Prioris, 64 Megs RAM, a couple SCSI hard
>drives, etc..).

This seems enormously overpowered to me, is that the hardware they reccomended?

Quote:>I'm not a Linux guru and don't want to be at this point in
>time, but I feel I'm so close to getting this product working I'm willing
>to pursue it (I feel my reputation as a computer professional is on the
>line if I can't make it work).

Remember, it's their product.   There is nothing special about your network.

Quote:>Reading back through the newsgroup messages I tried such things as
>cat /proc/ksyms | grep ip_forward and
>cat /proc/net/arp
>and got nothing. It's almost as if Linux doesn't recognize it's own TCP/IP

netstat -i -n ?

Quote:>and thus doesn't respond to ARP requests (then again, how could
>Linux receive the responses to its ping if it couldn't recognize its own
>IP address?).

arp -a ?

Quote:>Since the Web server and Webshield machines are on the same
>LAN segment, the router shouldn't be involved.  Incidently, we are using a
>sub-netted segment and I do have the correct subnet mask, broadcast
>address, etc.. set on the Webshield machine.  I set the Webshield portion
>up so anyone could http or telnet to it, not just the trusted host (and it
>doesn't work from the trusted host either).

ifconfig -a on the WebShield and the firewall?

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