trying to network 2 pc's running linux and windows...

trying to network 2 pc's running linux and windows...

Post by Glen A Stromquis » Thu, 13 Mar 2003 02:37:22

I just installed a belkin 5 port switch so I can share printers, drives,
internet etc. with 2 pc's. On one pc I am dual booting 2000 and Redhat
8, the other 20009,xp, mandrake 8.1 and SuSE 7.3

Setting up a workgroup when the 2 machines are running windows was a
snap, but I am "networking challenged" in any case, especially when it
comes to setting up the linux os's.

I have set up suse and rh on a LAN before, but that was relatively easy
as it was part of a domain,not a workgroup. First I just want the
machines to be able to ping each other so I can VNC, then I'll worry
about setting up Samba etc for printer and internet sharing.

I havent tried getting the two machines to talk when both are running
linux, since one is pre*ly running XP thats the combination I
want to get working first. I have RH recognizing the local NIC, and have
activated it, but I cant ping the windows machine or vice versa so I am
missing something.

Eventually I want to move the modem to the machine that runs RH and have
the internet connection from that machine only, so that the other
machine would use it for internet connections whether it was running
windows or linux.

Any tips, suggestions & pointers greatly welcomed!!



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on how to use it.  PC-XView allows for broadcast, indirect and direct.
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Teresa Selling, IUSB, Indiana.

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